LARKANA Nawaz Sharif on Saturday lambasted the PPP government for its failure to track down the killers of Benazir Bhutto even four years after her assassination in a bomb-and-gun attack in Rawalpindi on December 27, and aggrandizement as ministers and advisers of those who had fled the scene of the occurrence when the PPP chairperson was struggling for life. Alleging at a public meeting here that the rulers who could not bring to justice the assassins of their own party chief were not expected to eliminate dacoits and thieves, who have made lives of the Sindhi people miserable, the PML-N chief pledged to trace out the Benazir-killers at the earliest possible in case his party was voted to power. This was the first time that Mr Sharif addressed a public meeting in the stronghold of the Bhuttos, which observers say was aimed at fathoming the PML-Ns standing in a province dominated by the PPP and the MQM. Encouraged by the massive turnout at the public meeting, Nawaz Sharif said Sindh is changing; Pakistan is changing; Larkana is changing. In the 2008 elections the PML-N could not win even a single provincial or national seat from Sindh. Now, the party is trying to regain some lost political space in the province, and for this purpose the leadership is trying to establish contacts with many influential families. However, it is premature at this stage to say anything about the likely outcome of these contacts. Mr Sharif recalled the happenings of December 27, 2007 the day when the PPP chairperson was killed, and how he reached the hospital along with his party men to know about his political rivals condition there. He said when doctors told them that the former prime minister had succumbed to her wounds, a large number of PPP leaders and workers surrounded him to say that they were expecting the killers would be brought to justice when the PML-N returned to power. Nawaz Sharif said Benazir Bhutto was like his sister and as a brother he would do his level best to get arrested and brought to justice all those who had taken her life. The PML-N president bitterly criticised the PPP leadership for failing to solve Sindhs problems despite being in power for almost four years. I dont know whether this party is the same which was left behind by Ms Bhutto or its a different entity. I dont know where the real PPP is. Referring to the backwardness of the PPP-ruled province, Nawaz Sharif said he was at a loss to understand why Sindh was in such a bad condition. He said when last year he visited the flood-affected areas, he was so shocked that he did not find appropriate words to explain the devastation he had seen. The situation demanded that the Sindh government extended all possible help to the victims. To extend cooperation on behalf of the PML-N, he said he had personally met Prime Minister Gilani and proposed that every family should be given an assistance of at least Rs100,000 to enable them to reconstruct their houses. But, he regretted, the government did nothing more after paying only Rs20,000 each to such families. He said the Punjab government had sent assistance worth Rs620 million for its Sindhi brethren. Nawaz also pointed out the high prices of urea, prolonged spells of loadshedding, growing lawlessness and increasing incidence of kidnapping for ransom. Sympathising with the jobless youth, the former prime minister said in case the PML-N got a chance to serve the masses, unemployed would be given loans on easy-instalments. Similarly, he said, the landless haris would be given state lands. He said in case the PPP government took steps to alleviate poverty, overcome joblessness and price-hike and put the country on path to progress, he would no longer be seeking a regime change. He said he had offered unconditional cooperation to President Zardari immediately after the 2008 polls, but parted ways when he failed to come up to his words. The PML-N president, accompanied by some other party leaders, also offered fateha for Benazir Bhutto and her other family members buried at Garhi Khuda Bux.