A Commander of Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP) Maulana Dadullah has denied reports of talks with the government. Talking to the BBC from an disclosed location, Dadullah termed TTP leader Maulvi Faqir claim about the talks as his personal act, saying the TTP has not initiated any talks with the government. Maulvi Faqir, is deputy TTP chief and an important commander of Bajaur based Taliban, yesterday confirmed talks with the government. He has also noted progress in the talks, which resulted into the release of 145 Taliban prisoners and a ceasefire by the Taliban. Maulana Dadullah said that TTP as a whole did not believe in talks with Pakistani government until Sharia is implemented. Meanwhile the BBC has reported that there was a strong internal grouping in the TTPs ranks, with Mullah Dadullah being one of strong contenders for his personal fiefdom of Pakistan chapter. Dadullahs denial highlighted the possibility of some factions within the TTP. Sources said the TTP may be in contact with the government through elders of Tribal areas, but Pakistani government might have refused any direct talks with them.