LAHORE In a surprising act, Higher Education Department Deputy Secretary Tariq Saeed lost his senses and thrashed his peon over a personal grudge on Saturday. Sources privy to the development confided to TheNation that the official, ably assisted by his brother advocate Rashid Saeed and Abdur Rauf, badly beat up his peon Allah Ditta at the Civil Secretariat when he was serving them tea. The sources said, the employees of Higher Education Department intervened and rescued Allah Ditta. The employees also tried to capture the official but he managed to flee from the scene. Later, they held Rashid Saeed and Rahman hostage by locking them in a room. Later, on the intervention of Additional Chief Secretary and other senior officers, the employees freed them. On the occasion, the employees staged a protest demonstration and chanted slogans against Tariq Saeed. They demanded of the government to take strict departmental action against Tariq Saeed. The employees complained that Tariq always adopts inhuman attitude with the employees and abused them frequently. They also alleged that a couple of days ago Tariq Saeed prepared a list to purchase a laptop, some furniture and other things for his personal use from the official funds. They said Allah Ditta pointed out the issue and complained against Tariq Saeed to Deputy Secretary Tariq Tiyyab and Additional Secretary but no action was taken against him (Tariq Saeed). On this issue, Tariq Saeed has been marking Allah Ditta as absent since last two weeks despite his presence. Tariq Saeed also threatened Allah Ditta that he will terminate him. When, Allah Ditta, in presence of the deputy secretarys guests, requested him to mark his attendance as present, he become violent and ordered his brother Advocate Rashid Saeed to bolt the door. Then the trio thrashed the peon and tore his cloths.