A cannonball crashed through a home and into a parked minivan in California after an experiment on a TV show went wrong. Amazingly, nobody was injured when the cannonball went astray during filming for the Mythbusters science programme. The accident happened at a police bomb range in Dublin, east of San Francisco. Discovery Channel spokesman J D Nelson said the cannonball was supposed to go through a few water-filled barrels and a concrete wall. Instead, it passed over the barrels, through the wall, and then took a very unfortunate bounce that sent the ball skyward. It landed about 700ft away, bounced through the front floor of a suburban home, shot out of the back wall, bounced over a four-lane highway before smashing through the windscreen of a parked minivan, coming to rest inside the vehicle. We had some tremendous bad luck and some tremendous good luck in that no one was hurt, added Mr Nelson. Minivan owner Jasbir Gill said he and his children had just arrived home: Its scary. I was in the van five minutes before this happened. Agencies