QUETTA - The rallies and seminars to mark the 'International Day of Human Rights overshadowed other political and social activities in the provincial capital on Saturday as rallies and seminars were held to voice concern over massive violation of human rights in Balochistan. The chairperson of Aafia Movement, Doctor Fouzia Siddiqui had specially arrived in Quetta to express solidarity with the people of Balochistan particularly with those whose loved ones had been missing for last many years. She led a rally from the Quetta Press Club. The participants of rally marched through different roads of the city, shouting slogans for the early recovery of missing persons, Dr Aafia Siddiqui and taking measures to end incidents of target killing. Dr Aafia and other leaders of different political and religious parties addressed that rally. Earlier, a seminar was held at Quetta Press Club under the auspices of Aafia Movement. Besides, Dr Fouzia, leaders from different political parties addressed the seminar. Speakers said that people of Balochistan were deprived of all basic rights. They demanded for early release of Dr Aafia and recovery of Baloch missing persons. The speakers alleged that rulers were paralysing Balochistan politically and economically, and they were fighting the war of others for the sake of dollars. Criticising the US and its double standards, they said killer of Michael Jackson was awarded four years imprisonment while Dr Aafia was sent behind bars for 86 years for aiming a gun at American soldiers. Speakers said any bargaining on martyrdom of 24 soldiers would be tantamount to insult of nation and Pak Army. Balochistan High Court Bar Association also held a seminar regarding Human Rights Day. The title of seminar was The Chaos in Balochistan and Its Factors. The speakers said that the problems of Balochistan were political and political means should be applied for solution of these problems. The use of force for solution of problems in Balochistan has not yielded positive results and it would further complicate problems of the province, the speakers said. They demanded early recovery of all missing persons and stopping the policies of kill and dump. Another seminar was held at Law College which was organised by a local NGO, Society for Empowering Human Resources (SEHR). Chief Justice of Balochistan High Court Justice Qazi Faez Essa was the chief guest.