LAHORE Provincial Law Minister, Rana Sanalluh has said President Asif Ali Zardari will not be back home until report is filed before the SC on Memogate. Rana told a press conference in response to query here Saturday that he believes the President will not come back until the report is filed on the Memoatate for which the SC has given time to the Government. Rana Sanaullah, the cousin of CJP, said that memogate is a highly important matter on which every Pakistani was deeply concerned. He said the question remains to be known to the public who is the actual author of the Memo after the DG ISI had presented every evidence to the Federal Government he collected during a visit to London. He said former Pakistani Ambassador to US, Hussain Haqqani failed to clarify his position on the issue as such he resigned and now the actual character needs to be brought to the light. As such, he said, in his 'observation President Zardari will remain outside the country as long as the report is presented. He replied to a question that if President Zardari is really ill, he prays for his health or if he is politically ill, then the PML(N) can show him the way out that is, have a mercy on the nation and go. Rana Sanaullah also grilled the government on the Sallala check-posts attacks by the Nato planes for not showing up to the mark response to this ' act of humiliation on which America is jeering at Pakistans demand to apologise and is not ready to share anything. The corrupt rulers are busy in their evil practices caring least about what is happening with the respect and prestige of the country, he said adding the next session of the PA will also debate on both issues. To a question on the memo probe by the Parliamentary Committee of National Security, he said it did not have mandate to investigate the matter. Responding to a question on the as yet not registered case against MPA Dost Muhammad Khosa in Sapna abduction case, Rana Sana defended his partyman saying, the police fact-finding report on the complaints lodged by the brothers of Sapna did not find any substance against Dost Muhammad therefore the police did not register the FIR while acting in accordance with law which was a direction of the Session Court instead of necessary registration of the FIR against the MPA, who also served as Chief Minister Punjab for a brief period before Shahbaz Sharif was elected to the PA and took over as CM in 2008. He was questioned about the action of Punjab Government on the murder of Abadur Rehman, who was killed by the US consulate staffers the day Raymond Davis had shot dead two Pakistanis in cold blood in January last. He said the provincial government as per diplomatic requirements, has written four times to the Foreign Office for getting access to US Consulate but received no reply so far. He said to a question that PML(N) President Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was in favour of the democratic process for the sake of upholding the constitution and law and was opposed to martial law or any unconstitutional action against democracy. He said it is time for the nation to make use of the experiences Nawaz Sharif gathered facing the ordeal of Musharraf regime. About the upcoming PA session (due on Monday) he said, during the session protests will remain banned on The Mall as per LHC direction. He said for the reason PA has to complete 100-day sitting the session will prolong for at-least three weeks during which 245 Adjournment Motions, 141 resolutions, 50 Call Attention Notices, 10 fresh bills and report of the Standing Committee on 22 other bills will be taken up in addition to QA session. He hoped legislation will be transacted on all 32 bills during the session.