LAHORE - Some 250 Hindu pilgrims reached Wagah border yesterday, with a hope for the restoration of Pakistan-India Cricket series.

The two separate groups of Indian nationals also demanded both the governments to take decisions in best interest of the masses.

Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) Chairman Siddiqul Farooq welcomed the Hindu yatrees.

Talking to the media, leader of the delegation Shiv Partab Bajaj said: “I salute the great land of Pakistan and my life is devoted for peace, love and brotherhood.”

Another Yatree Sishma said that Indians have good sentiments for Pakistanis; there was no difference in culture and values of both sides.

Speaking on the occasion, the ETPB chairman said there was great respect for other religions in Pakistan being a pro-minorities country. “Islam teaches love for other religions. We are performing our religious duties by serving our non Muslim brothers,” Mr Farooq added.

He lauded the arrival of Indian foreign minister in Pakistan, saying it would promote relations between both the countries.

Special arrangements have been made for the security, transport, food and hospitality of the Hindu pilgrims.

First group of Hindus left for Mirpur Mathelo, Ghotki, Sindh, to observe 307th birthday of their religious leader Saint Sowami Shadhram.

The other group will leave for Chakwal today.