LAHORE - The communication Department of Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC), in collaboration with Turkish company Albayrak and KIPS school system, organised a public awareness campaign in the locality of Laal Pull Canal Road with aim to sensitise local residents on Solid Waste Management System.

Campaign was comprised of awareness walk, setting up of camps, public briefing, distribution of pamphlets, machinery demonstration, symbolic waste picking and cleanup operation.

Awareness walk led by local MPA Mian Waheed, Chairman Union Council Ali Imran & LWMC HOD Communication Department Jamil Khawar was carried out along the canal. A large number of KIPS School children, sanitary staff and local residents joined walk and other components of the campaign with pledge to ensure their due role in improving clean environment across the city

Local MPA along with schoolchildren participated waste picking activity on the road, market and inside locality. Inspired by students’ extraordinarily true feeling and enthusiasm for the campaign, Gull gave them cash prizes and termed students’ true ambassadors of change in the society.

Campaign also included a comprehensive operation of mechanical washing of roads, footpaths and market resultantly giving the locality a very clean look.

Cleanliness campaign was highly appreciated by the community especially small children’s behavior towards their social responsibility.