ISLAMABAD - Former captain M Yousuf has said that if Pakistan and India don't play then it is not going to affect neither world cricket nor the cricket of both countries. Yousuf said all this talk, about Pakistan-India cricket series being essential for world cricket and for both countries, doesn't make sense to him. "We have not been playing regularly for years now and yet it has not affected our cricket," Yousuf was quoted as saying.

“We have survived well and if we don't play against each other it doesn't mean international cricket will stop. This series would earn a lot of revenues for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) which is the reason why they are desperate for it," he said.

He added that he just saw the financial angle as the reason for pushing for the series. "But as far as I know, the PCB is financially well off and I would advise them to stop talking about the significance and necessity for playing with India as it would boost world cricket," he said. Yousuf said the PCB should instead focus on improving its domestic cricket structure. "The fact that we are going to have the Pakistan Super League (PSL) shows we don't have any financial problems. It is another thing just how this event will benefit the domestic level players in the long run," he said.