After having the trust in her shaken due to her decision to delay an important Brexit vote, British Prime Minister (PM) Theresa May would have lost the party’s faith in her.

Considering that she does fall, the Conservative Party could elect any MP as their leader and he/she would automatically become the British PM. With May’s position potentially up for grabs, potential leadership contenders were waiting to pounce on the opportunity to become PM.

Among those being considered for the role, is a British-Pakistan named Sajid Javid. Previously an investment banker, son of Pakistani bus driver Sajid Javid is the face of a multi-cultural Britain.

The 49-year-old had previously voted for Britain to still be a part of the European Union in 2016, but since then he has openly backed the Brexit cause. He was then a part of the economically liberal wing of the Conservative Party.

He was appointed as the interior minister in April and earned a lot of respect over the several issues he dealt with. One of the more commonly known scandals that Javid had to face was the treatment of Caribbean immigrants’ children. Javid’s handling of the issue was applauded.