KAMALIA-Toba DSP Traffic Mehr Saeed Sial issued guidelines to drivers on travelling in low visibility. He advised the drivers to use fog lights and drive vehicles at low speed when there was fog.

“Driving in the fog is a process that needs keen attention. Even a minor carelessness may cause the loss of life of yours and others. You must be careful, not only during driving but also while walking alongside the road,” he added.

“Turn on fog lights, headlights, backlights as well as the emergency lights when driving in the fog. If fog is too severe, consider stay at a hotel or petrol station. If the journey is inevitable, keep a safe distance from the vehicles in front and the back. Apart from an extreme emergency, do not park the car on the roadside,” he stated. He warned that travelling without lights at night, parking at forbidden places and violating the one-way rule at night and during fog can be deadly and disastrous.

“Keep the sound of the tape recorder low in fog, so that you can focus more on the traffic and you can hear the sound of other vehicles nearby when you can barely see them. Also, check the engine oil, radiator water and especially the brakes, so that you could avoid any problem during the journey,” he added.