PESHAWAR  -   Despite Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s second consecutive term, KP government has failed to introduce any internship programme for youth, which has caused disappointment among the youngsters who despite of having masters degrees are still jobless having no resources even to apply for advertised posts.

The provincial government on July 3, 2018 had announced to provide paid internship opportunities for 5,000 fresh graduates of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, including the tribal district, in various development projects. A total of 45,943 fresh male and female graduates got themselves registered for the programme but not a single candidate was approved for the programme.

A provincial government official told The Nation on condition of anonymity that the programme was announced for the youth of KP for providing them professional experience to help them find permanent jobs, but now the government is finding it difficult to practically initiate the programme. He said announcement of a scheme is an easy task, but the real challenge comes when it is being implemented.

Nadia Khan Burki, a women rights activist and PhD Scholar at Food Sciences department Agriculture University Peshawar told about youth internships that there is no specific quota for females. She said our female education ratio is already very weak and after a lot of problems if someone gets the education then they face the unemployment issue. She criticised the announced policy of interns and demanded special quota for females and disabled person.

Officials said the government announced the programme without proper homework that is why no progress has been witnessed so far.

Afsar Afghan, an activist and student at the Persian department of the University of Peshawar said that the provincial government has not taken any major step for the youth. He said the province was affected due to terrorism and its youth deserves opportunities and government’s help to get higher education. He said the youth indulges in negative activities when they do not get education and job opportunities.

Islam Gul said that in that past some youth in the backward areas fell into wrong hands due to lack of opportunities. He said the government should take steps to implement internship and other employment schemes for the youth to enable them to support their families and work for a better future.

An official of Planning and Development Department at the Civil Secretariat said on condition of anonymity that letters have been sent to the heads of development projects in the province to implement the paid internship policy.

 However, he said that some heads of projects have responded positively, while others have not responded over the letters. He said the government is making efforts for early implementation of the policy.