French high school students are holding yet another rally at the Saint-Michel square in the Latin Quarter of Paris, expressing their discontent with the new education reform, a Sputnik correspondent reported on Tuesday from the scene.

Young people brought many posters with slogans reading: "The police are everywhere, justice is nowhere," and "The number of young people cannot be reduced, but the number of places in educational institutions can be increased," among others.

The rally is taking place in a clam atmosphere with the youth singing songs and shouting their slogans. Youth protests have been held throughout France since last week. Students oppose, in particular, the government’s education reform, which complicates the selection for higher educational institutions, as well as against a significant increase in tuition fees for foreign students.

These protests are being held amid a greater wave of protests that has swept across France since mid-November, when the so-called yellow vest protesters — named after the obligatory attribute of French drivers — took to the streets to protest rising fuel prices and a planned hike in the tax on diesel and carbon fuels. The ‘yellow vests’ have clashed with police officers, who have had to use tear gas and rubber bullets on the protesters.