The PTI could finally succeed in forming its government after 22 years of nonstop struggle only five months ago. It seems having no issues with non-elected pillars of the state.

Notwithstanding a plethora of funny blunders it keeps committing, the PTI government can thus afford to feel good and comfortable about its conduct so far. Also, due to the fact that passionate base of the PTI stays intact. This base is rather too willing to disregard and forgive hiccups in governance while sincerely believing in noble intentions of Imran Khan, considered an outsider to “dirty business” of politics by his admirers.

Even otherwise, it essentially is the burden of opposition to discover vulnerabilities of a sitting government and push it to the wall by ruthlessly rubbing them in during proceedings of the national assembly.

In spite of enjoying a solid numerical strength, however, the opposition continues to miserably fail in spinning an engaging narrative and spread it from the floor of an elected house by employing a well thought out strategy and intelligent use of creative tactics.

Little wonder, after constant yawning for more than two hours while sitting in the press gallery and the lounge I hardly have any worthwhile story to tell about proceedings of the first sitting of the national assembly session that started Monday evening. The Speaker, Asad Qaisar, should also get credit for it.

Before taking the presiding chair, he invited a delegation of the government and the opposition representatives to his chambers. He kept them there for more than 90 minutes. The Speaker wanted to ensure smooth sailings and persuaded everyone to go by the book of rules of conducing business in the House. After starting too late in the day, he came straight to the question hour and did not allow anyone to deviate from the given agenda for the day.

Raja Riaz of the PTI did make a half-hearted attempt to provoke the PML-N by taunting their leader, who he believed looked like a wounded lion. Pervez Khattak, the defence minister, instantly stood up to check a member from his party. This helped The Speaker to act stern.

The combo of Asad Qaisar and Pervez Attack is certainly proving too smart for keeping the opposition calm with accommodating and assuaging conduct.

Most of the PTI backbenchers do not like their conduct. To them, they rather appear betraying the take no prisoners resolve of the PTI base. In whispers, these backbenchers also try selling us the spin that Prime Minister suspects the appeasing behaviour of his two old loyalists from KP. Asad Qaisar and Pervez Khattak keep prevailing though with skilful management of the House Business for the comfort of PTI Government.

Even the minister of human rights, Dr Shirin Mazri, who established the reputation of being a loose cannon while sitting on opposition benches in the previous assembly surprised many by deadly preventive strokes during the closing hours of Monday proceedings.

She read a motion that wanted to project a feel good image about the PTI government on International Human Rights Day. The motion presented by her was instantly adopted with much ado.

Only after the passage of this motion, Mohsin Dawar, got the floor to challenge the “hypocritical conduct” of the PTI government when it comes to respecting Human Rights.

Too bitter he sounded while recalling as to how a sitting member of this assembly was not allowed to take an international flight to attend a cultural function. He was rather described as “wanted” for delivering a speech at a public meeting in Swabi many months ago.

Only this morning, Dawar continued, the PTM leader was not allowed to land in Quetta to join a rally agitating against missing persons.

Dr Mazari took no time to instantly disown herself from these events. She also was too generous in praising Bilawal Bhutto Zardari for forcing the Sindh Government to withdraw an order that wanted to block the entry of PTM leader to its jurisdiction some days ago.

After successfully executing the preventive strike, Dr Mazari went on to display a firm resolve of her government to respect human rights. She wanted us to believe that the PTI government was committed to create and sustain an environment in Pakistan, where dissidents will have all the time and space to express their grievances.

No one had any time to challenge her claim. Immediately after her reply to Dawar, the house was adjourned to meet again Tuesday morning. And that’s about it.


PTI neutralising Opposition with appeasement