ISLAMABAD - Speakers at a seminar Monday appreciated the role played by Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) task force in uplifting and emphasising on the problems regarding health, education, shelter and livelihood in remote areas of the country.

Parliamentary Secretary on Trade and Commerce Shandana Gulzar underscored the importance of individual’s responsibility in demanding equality and their rights at every level in society, while addressing as chief guest at national Seminar on “Parliament- the right Way to rights and  National Action Plan on business and Human rights”.

The seminar was organized by Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary services in collaboration with Oxfam in continuation of celebrations to celebrate 70 years of United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

Shandana Gulzar lamented on how we disrespect and degrade our Rights’ heroes attaching controversies to their names. She also highlighted the different issues of human rights, which affected the rights of the individual in the country, especially Juvenile rights.

She said that European Union, granted Generalized Scheme of Preference (GSP-Plus ) for increasing trade ties with Pakistan.

Executive Director PIPS,  Zafarullah Khan welcomed the participants.

Sharing his deliberations, Zafarullah Khan shed light on the history of fundamental rights in Pakistan and contributions of Pakistan to Universal Declaration Human Rights (UDHR).

The Country Director Oxfam Qazilbash Khan emphasized on reducing the inequalities in society to ensure justice to every individual. While renowned Human Rights Activist I.A. Rehman addressed the participants and shared his valuable insights on the state of Human Rights in Pakistan.

Sharing his remarks, he said  “The protection of Human Rights was the second part of Lahore Resolution and Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the protection of Human Rights”.

He also contemplated on the issues in legislation and said that it is often done in a manner that tarnishes Human Rights. Concluding his remarks, he stressed upon the role of Parliament in over sighting the guarantee and deliverance of fundamental rights to each and every citizens of Pakistan. 

Chairman of Federation of Pakistan Chamber, Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), Malik Sohail  stress upon the second pillar of National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights to support ,motivate and incentivize Pakistani Business to meet their responsibility to respect human right through  business operations in Pakistan.

Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services has already conducted four seminars highlighting the commitment of Pakistan to UDHR and role of Parliament in ensuring Human Rights.

Seminar is being attended by people belonging to Provincial Governments, Academia, Right Activists and CSOs.