Lahore - The Lahore High Court on Tuesday directed the federal government to submit a report on the introduction of an electric vehicle policy and also to submit the policy on the conversion of oil refineries to adopt Euro 4 standards. Justice Mamoon Rashid Sheikh observed that poor fuel quality was contributing to pollution.  The court was informed that the Punjab chief minister and his cabinet were conducting a meeting on the implementation of smog policy and closure of brick kilns industry failed to convert on zigzag technology. On which, the court appreciated the performance of provincial government regarding taking safety precautionary measures against smog. The judge directed the Punjab govt to take all measures regarding plantation of saplings and implement its forest policy. The judge observed that Punjab govt should take every possible step to implement the judgements of Superior Court regarding plantation.  The court directed the govt to submit reports to adhere to environmental laws and international treaties namely United Nations Climate Change Convention 1992 and Paris Agreement 2015. The court was further told by the law officer that the govt was taking drastic measures against environmental pollution and more measures will be announced in next cabinet meeting. The court said that had the govt taken emergency measures, Lahore would not have become the most polluted city in the world.