PESHAWAR - Residents of Landi Arbab village have strongly con­demned the move to re­name main Landi Yargha­jo (Arbab) Road as Jansher Khan Road, and asked the government to take back the notification forthwith.

In this connection a grand meeting of the lo­cal elders, workers of al­most all the political par­ties, formerly elected members of the local bod­ies and a large number of youth held at hujra Arb­ab (Sarkar). The meet­ing was convened by Arb­ab Nisar Khan, PTI former district convener, in which local elders Haji Mir Ah­mad Khan, Mustajab Khan Mazdooryar, former mem­ber provincial assembly from the area Hakim Ibra­him Qasmi, former union council nazim Zahid Hus­sain, ex-UC nazim Ashfaq and PTI’s Town council member Ijaz Saraf were addressed the meeting.

While addressing the meeting, Mustajab Khan regretted the move of the incumbent government to rename the name of one of our local roads without the consent of the respective people.

The meeting through a resolution rejected the government notification and vowed to take the is­sue to the extreme limits. They also regretted the role of the elected repre­sentatives in this regard, and asked them to sense their due responsibilities.

In the meeting, they also announced a le­gal committee compris­ing Peshawar High Court Bar Association former President Fida Gul ad­vocate, Arbab Afzal Ha­yat advocate, Wajid Khan advocate, Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad, Zahir Khan ad­vocate, Muhammad Irar advocate, Saeed Khan advocate and Arshad Ali advocate, who will dis­cuss the matter in detail and draft a case and file a writ petition in the Pe­shawar High Court chal­lenging the government notification of renaming Landi Arbab Road.

The next meeting in this connection would soon be called after tak­ing the issue with the government through the respective elected repre­sentatives, and finalising the draft for the case.