KARACHI - Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has said that the federal government’s behaviour during the first one and half years of its tenure was democratic, but later unleashed the policy of confrontation and political victimisation.

"They started harassing our ministers, officers and elected representatives."This he said while talking to media here at the CM House Sunday.

Qaim said that the federal government was working democratically during the first one and half year of its tenure. It gave space to provincial governments to work freely in implementation of their policies and manifestoes but "sorry to say then it started a policy of victimisation. They have harassed our ministers, elected representatives and government officers without any solid or tangible evidence," he said and added that nothing (corrupt) has been found so far but it is just for harassment.

Talking about MNA Mir Munawar Talpur, the chief minister said that Talpur has never been in any government office during both the PPP government tenures, federal and provincial. But even then a reference has been filed against him. "He is an extremely polite person, and mostly lives in his village to serve his people but even then a baseless case has been filed against him," he expressed his dismay.

Replying to a question, Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that he was thankful to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that he invited him along with his delegation to Islamabad and listened to him patiently and almost agreed to the issues. "Pointing to Chaudhry Nisar, the prime minister said that he would visit you (CM) within a week and redress all your grievances," he said added that he was waiting Ch Nisar’s visit but still the federal interior minister has not contacted him directly.

Talking about the achievements of the Sindh government, he said that the new NFC award in which multiple criteria was accepted was his great feat.

"It was me who convinced the prime minister and others that sales tax on services was a provincial subject and the provincial government should be allowed to collect it on its own." he said and added that today the Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) stands as a great revenue collecting organisation in any provincial government which collected Rs60 billion last year and Insha’Allah it would collect Rs70 billion this year. This is another feat of his government.

Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that he restored law and order in the province with joint efforts and sacrifices of police and Rangers.

"We created more 150,000 job opportunities, developed road network all over Sindh, established nine universities, introduced Public Private Partnership concept and launched mega projects and going to celebrate Sindh government-Engro Coal-fired Power Plant and so many other achievement. We need no certificates from our opponents but we are answerable to Almighty Allah, our people and to our leadership," he said.

Replying to a question about the so-called grand alliance, Qaim said that it was not a new thing but such alliances have always been formed against the PPP governments but the people of this province have always rejected them. He said that he had no such expectation from Pir Sahab Pagara.

"Pagara Sahib addressed me as uncle and then leads such an alliance against my government without any solid argument," he said.

Talking about Arbab Ghulam Rahim, the CM questioned what he did for Thar when he was the Sindh chief minister. "He did nothing for poverty alleviation (in Thar) even during the days of drought he gave wheat to the people of Thar at 50 per cent price and on discrimination bases and ignored extremely poor Hindu community people. Now, he is criticising my government," he said and added that Dr Arbab has protected his provincial assembly seat from where he is absent since long.

Syed Qaim Ali Shah further said when a assembly member remains absent from the house for 40 days he is liable to be unseated. "But, we accommodated him and kept granting him leave but he has forgotten each and every favour my government has given to him," the CM said and added that there were many cases against Dr Arbab but his government was not pursuing them but even then he did not understand.

Replying to a question about nominated Mayer of Karachi Waseem Akhtar's argument which he gave in talk show that the PPP government was sending funds of Karachi to Dubai, the chief minister said that he was surprised to listen to such an absurd statement.

"If I would retaliate to him in the same coin he would not be able to answer. Akhtar’s statement is baseless and we have served Karachi and its people selflessly," he said and added "The Sindh government is paying salaries to a huge number of KMC and Water Board employees they appointed in their tenure. We have constructed flyovers in Karachi; we are paying electricity bills of water board and we have always been financially supporting the local bodies of Karachi without any discrimination. Presently, more than Rs42 billion development works are going on in Karachi even then those who (MQM) have always been in government are criticising the Sindh government.

The chief minister who has hosted a reception for the visiting China Medical Association (CMA) and their host Pakistan Medical Association also said that China has expertise in manufacturing medicines and their raw material while Pakistan, especially the doctors of Sindh are expert in surgery.

"We can take benefit from the expertise. The visit of CMA is a milestone in creation of medical corridor along with the on-going economic corridor.