islamabad - The official website of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration contains outdated information in the sections of its campaigns and press releases, as it is not being updated properly.

According to Article 19-A of the Constitution, every citizen has the right to access to information in all matters of public importance, subject to regulation and reasonable restrictions imposed by law. The website of the ICT administration deprives the citizens of this right as no up-to-date information about the ongoing campaigns of the district administration in various areas is updated. The last information updated on the website is probably about the ICT campaign for prevention, controlling and containing of the dengue fever, which was launched in 2011.

Similarly, only one press release dated June 19 is shown on the website and that is also inaccessible. The ICT administration has over a dozen offices, but the contact numbers of only three offices of Deputy Commissioner Office Control Room, Deputy Commissioner and Chief Commissioner have been updated.

Under the head (icon) `About ICTA’, wrong information has been updated about rural union councils. There are only 17 union councils (UCs), but it describes that the ICT had only 12 UCs.

It contains details about the attached departments of chief commissioner and deputy commissioner office without profiles of their bosses.