The Senate's Functional Committee has stated that problems faced by the people of Thar, Mirpurkhas and Umerkot should be addressed.

A meeting of the Senate's Functional Committee on problems of the less developed areas of Sindh has taken place in the Chief Secretary Office Karachi.

The Senate Committee has been holistically briefed about the problems being faced by the inhabitants of Thar, Mirpurkhas and Umerkot districts of the province.

The Commissioner Mirpurkhas, while briefing about issues in Thar district, explained that BISP, National Commission for Human Development, and NADRA have been confronting the challenges of under-staffing and logistics that have severely undermined the performance of these departments accruing low human development index.

The three common  issues faced by the people of these districts are: protracted hours of loadshedding even in winter season, undue shortage of gas supply, and last but not least scarcity of water due to which sea water had encroached upon the land thereby irreversibly damaging the ecology of the province.

The lower number of NADRA centres in these districts along with the discourteous behaviour of NADRA staff and the decrepit state of road-networks eventuating life-snatching accidents and poor connectivity amongst the villages was also spelled out. It was requested that the under-construction NHA projects in these areas may be concluded at the earliest.

The commitee acknowledged the issues of these areas and stated that despite extraction of ample hydrocarbons in the form of petroleum and gas, more than 90% villages of these districts are bereft of electricity and gas supply. The conditions of schools are also not upto the mark. The committee viewed that the entire Thar district must be electrified as soon as Coal power generation station in the district start functioning. The commitee directed the Chief Secretary Sindh for submitting a detailed report regarding performance of federal government departments in these areas along with the major issues faced by the local people.

The committee applauded the performance of NICVD network in Sindh providing unprecedented services in cardiology. It also expressed admiration for Indus hospital.

The Senate Committee was also apprised about the major development projects in these areas: establishment of leather industry, execution of livestock projects, projects for mines and mineral development, promotion of tourism and expansion of cottage and small industry.

The chairman of the Senate's Functional Committee remarked that smaller provinces are rich in natural resources and are the source of revenue generation therefore their needs must be catered on priority basis.