ISLAMABAD  -   The Chairman Federal Public Service Commission could not approve the minutes of Central Selection Board meeting in a month as more than 400 officers of grade-19 to 20 are awaiting their promotion notifications, The Nation has learnt.

The meeting of CSB was held in the chair of Chairman FPSC Haseeb Athar from December 4th to 7th, 2018 in Establishment Division and it recommended promotion of more than 400 officers of different services groups of garde-19 and 20 to next grades. The Establishment Division had sent the minutes of meeting to Chairman FPSC and its still awaiting the approval of Haseeb Athar. After receiving the meeting minutes, the Establishment Division will move a summary to Prime Minister Imran Khan for getting his approval for issuing the notifications of promotions of officers.

Sources in Establishment Division told The Nation that the Establishment Division has reminded the Chairman FPSC regarding delay in approval of meeting minutes. They said that there is no solid reason in delay of approval of minutes. First, the board was delayed due to exchange of harsh words between board members and secondly non-serious attitude of Chairman FPSC is a hurdle in delay of promotions of officers.

Talking to The Nation a senior officer said PTI had claimed during its election campaign that it will introduce reforms in bureaucracy when it will be in government but it could not do so far. He said that there is no change between previous government and incumbent government style to deal with bureaucracy. He said that only three to four CSB meeting were held during PML-N five years’ tenure and even according to services rules the CSB meeting should be held after every  six months. He said that it is surprising that the Establishment Division could not move the meeting minutes to PM office in a month. He said PM office will also take at least a month for giving the final approval in this regard.