ISLAMABAD - The Joint Action Committee of Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) has requested the Prime Minister for earliest completion of anti-encroachment operation at the University.

In a letter written to the Prime Minister, it has been stated that an area of 1709 acres was acquired and allotted to the University by the government, through CDA during 1967-72. The University then inherited a number of illegal occupants including nine villages inside the campus area, which kept growing past several years, it added.

Furthermore, encroachments on significant part of the University land were made by outsiders due to non-existence of boundary wall, which remains incomplete due to bureaucratic hurdles by the government agencies and non-availability of funds. On the demand of the University management, faculty, alumni and students, the federal government instructed the local administration to start anti-encroachment operation, on 5th January 2019; promising the retrieval of all occupied land, the letter stated.

This initiative on the part of federal government was hailed all over the country, especially, by the Joint Action Committee comprising of QAU Faculty, Alumni and Students. Three days into the anti-encroachment campaign and the operation already seems to have lost its tempo. It is feared that the University with limited resources and capacity might be left to the mercy of scores of powerful encroachers. Such a situation at this important juncture of time may lead to loss of opportunity for the university and lack of hope/faith among academia/students all over the country.

It was requested in the letter that the anti-encroachment operation at QAU shall be owned by the government and be continued effectively till the end of illegal occupation of 298 acres of precious land; and handing over 1709 Acres of QAU land.

It must be stated that the issue of encroached land is not merely an issue of prestige of the University but it has effectively crippled its functioning, halted development projects and caused serious security/disciplinary concerns amid increasing number of young students, both male and females. There is an urgent need to remove all the illegal encroachments without further delay and warding off all pressures, the letter concluded, the letter said.