LAHORE-Director Amjad Khan's fantasy venture – a biopic on most youthful Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai – will be screened in an extraordinary screening organised by the United Nations, as per Mumbai Mirror.

Gul Makai will have its first regularly screening in London on January 25, which will be gone to by 450 dignitaries, including individuals from the Indian, Pakistani and British High Commission.

Talking about the upcoming screening, the film’s director said: “I had to really push a lot as is usually the case. I even managed to get them to agree to my using the UN and IIMSAM logos in the film which is a privilege. This is the first time they have organised an event like this.”

He went on to further reveal that another screening of the biopic will be held at the UN headquarters mid-February and that the film will release in theaters worldwide in April.  “We are looking at an April date, after the exams,” said Amjad.

Malala’s character will be played by Reem Shaikh, while late veteran Om Puri will be seen in a pivotal role as well. Prior, the director of the film unveiled that Gul Makai is his tribute to Malala for all that she has accomplished and speaks to as a youthful and moving symbol.