KARACHI-Zubab Rana’s latest drama Bandish which will show her as a victim of black magic will soon be on air.

Bandish is directed by Abbis Raza and produced by Big Bang Entertainment. From what is visible from the initial teasers, young Zubab Rana has shown her acting prowess in Bandish.

Playing a role of an innocent daughter of Marina Khan and Sajid Hasan, who turns into a creature of terror because of a curse on her family. She outshines in the drama’s teaser as she switches from a naive, soft spoken girl to a human under a vicious spell and completely changes her voice and appearance on screen.

Zubab Rana started her career in modeling in 2017. She is known best for her soap “Naseeboun Jali” that won the award for Best Soap of the year in 2018.

Zubab Rana, the rising star who established herself as a successful model is now being renowned for her acting prowess and gorgeous looks in her TV dramas. The model cum actress is proving to be the best discovery of 2018 for television industry due to her immense talent and eloquent delivery.

 NaseebonJali proved to be a breakthrough for Zubab as the drama also got soap of the year award.

Previously, the diva was a ramp model and did various advertisements for big brands. Her ravishing persona and energetic on-screen presence always intrigue viewers into the drama scene.