KARACHI - Pakistan is planning to set a world record by planting at least 450,000 trees in a single day i.e. July 15 in day light. This was stated by the Federal Minister for Environment, Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi. He was addressing a news conference at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) on Friday. The Minister said that the site of the event is at Keti Bander in District Thatta. Earlier, the record was set by planting 348,493 trees in Mexico in August 29-30 2008 which was later broken by India with 447,874 trees in Assam on June 12-13 2009. Afridi said that Pakistan is set to break the earlier record by planting at least 450,000 mangrove seedlings by some 300 planters. He stated that this very task will be performed in the natural light and without using any machinery. The Minister said that special arrangements are being made for this gigantic task. He pointed out that the event would be monitored by the independent monitors and the adjudicators deputed by the Guinness Book of World Record. Afridi informed that the sole sponsorship of the event is by the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP). He said that the initiative is in accordance with the resolve of the government of Pakistan to rehabilitate the mangrove and other forests. The Minister also pointed out that the green cover in Pakistan was at a mere five percent and we will enhance to six percent. He also emphasised the significance of taking steps for the environmental protection. Afridi said that for fostering awareness, 2009 has been declared as year of environment. He also referred to the problem of deforestation taking place in the country. The Minister pointed out that the Federal Government has provided financial support to the tune of Rs. 13.5 billion under a five year place for increasing forestation. He said that we are also negotiating with the provinces for the recovery of the forestlands that were given for the non-forest uses. Afridi pointed out that in the province of Sindh 111,000 hectares of land had been given for non-forest use.