Britney Spears Circus tour is starting to take a toll on her health. She reportedly collapsed during rehearsals recently and a doctor had to rush to her side. She collapsed when the dancers went to put her back on her feet, a source told the National Enquirer. She fell to the floor and landed on one of the dancers legs - and the dancers tennis shoe smacked Britney in the chest and on her face. It hit her chest with such a force that it caused a four-inch bruise. Although Britney is physically strong and works out regularly, she reportedly doesnt eat right or get enough rest. Her schedule has wreaked havoc on her body, the source added. Luckily Britney is getting a little R&R while in Paris. She was photographed this week at the Eiffel tower with her little boys doing a little sightseeing. Lets hope she gets the much needed rest she needs before she collapses on stage during a show. - HS