ISLAMABAD - Sabeen Younis, 22, a resident of Rawalpindi is suffering from severe liver ailment that requires immediate liver transplant. During a visit by this scribe to her small 2-marlas house located in Waris Khan along Murree Road, Sabeens family told about her ailment that she had a severe stomachache in 2001 when she was only 14. Upon the complaint, she was admitted to the Holy family Hospital where the doctors found that the young girl was having Aseitis, an illness related to the malfunctioning of liver that results in stomach swelling due to the penetration of water in the abdomen. However, she was treated successfully at the hospital and the doctors managed to extract water out of her abdomen. After the passage of some time, Sabeen fell ill again and was shifted to Military Hospital (MH), where, the doctors discovered that her liver was malfunctioning and it required immediate transplantation, which was inevitable for her survival. Her family said that the treatment at MH was too expensive to be afforded. In addition, the doctors at MH told her family that the liver transplantation required an expenditure of Rs6 million to Rs8 million. Poor people like us cannot even think of arranging such a huge amount. We are waiting for some sort of divine help, her sister mentioned, with a stream of tears spilling over her eyes. Sabeens father died when she was a child and her sister supported the family by giving tuitions to children. When her sister got married, Sabeen, despite illness, started giving tuitions to feed her family. However, now she has fallen gravely ill, her family has no one to depend upon, on the other hand, the steroids, which are given to Sabeen for her treatment regularly, cost around Rs 10,000 on daily basis. Though I was ill yet I would manage to support my family and get my ailment treated but now I have fallen seriously ill and cant continue this. We are in deep trouble; we can only pray to Allah for some divine help, a tearful Sabeen stated. Sabeen looks forward to the Edhi Foundation and Ansar Burni for help. I know this is an era of materialism but some good people do exist who help others. People like Ansar Burni and Abdul Sattar Edhi are last hope for us, Im sure Edhi and Burni uncle wont disappoint me, I appeal to all my brothers and sisters to help me fight this disease, she said. Sabeens family deserves donations for the life of their brave, courageous and dear daughter who, despite being ill and facing all the odds, worked hard to support her family and bore the expenses of her treatment. The donors can either pay her family in cash or bear the expenditure of Sabeens treatment. The donations can be offered at account number Pls 892-1, National Bank of Pakistan, Banni, Rawalpindi, Branch Code 0641 (Naziran Bibi). Her familys contact number is 0333 5426976