GHALANI (APP) - A local Jirga here Friday handed over 30 suspected militants to political administration after they vowed to remain peaceful in future and will cooperate with the government in its efforts for peace and tranquility in Mohmand Agency. A representative of Jirga of Adam Kor, Umarkhel and other tribesmen of Tehsil Ambar held a detailed meeting with the officials of political administration and handed over 30 militants wanted to government after successful talks. Assistant Political Agent (APA) Yakagund, Rasool Khan when contacted said the tribal elders of Tehsil Ambar have also formed 100-member peace committee that will work shoulder to shoulder with the government and law enforcing agencies in maintaining peace, government writ and curbing ant-social activities in the Agency. In addition to it, he said peace committee will work with national tribal laskhar (militia) in Tehsil Ambar in maintaining law and order situation and flushing out anti-state elements from the area. We will not compromise on governments writ and strict action is being taken against miscreants, he said and added that better law and order was essential for development in the Agency. On this occasion, the Jirga assured full support to the political administration and promised to fulfil its territorial responsibilities by maintaining peace and brotherhood in the agency.