NEW YORK - An exhibition of artworks by Pakistani artist Hasnat Mehmood has opened at Aicon Gallery in the presence of a large number of art lovers. The exhibition, I love miniature, includes thirteen pieces in a variety of media, including miniature painting, scratchboard, digital printing, and drawing. The works looked visually stunning in the ultra modern space of a gallery run by two brothers hailing from India - Projjal and Prajit Dutta. The most spectacular piece is the title work of the show. Asked about the artwork, Mehmood said the exhibition consists of his works that explore the miniature painting movement as it has evolved in Pakistan over the last two decades. The paintings are copies of the works of some of Pakistans best-known miniaturist practitioners of today, he added. Mehmoods solo exhibition is on display at Aicon simultaneously with the work of Indian artist Debanjan Roy who uses both iconic world and Indian figures such as Mahatma Gandhi as metaphor for the austerity of Indias recent past yet casts these figures amongst the technological trappings and social challenges of contemporary India. During a discussion on the opening night of the exhibitions, a commentator pointed out that the hallway leading to both Mehmood and Roys spaces is like the border between India and Pakistan - the two exhibitions are in separate rooms. But in the gallery, he added, it formed more of a connection than a separation between the two countries. A number participants praised the artwork of Mehmood, who is a lecturer at the Miniature Department of the National College of Arts, Lahore. The exhibition will remain on view till August 1.