LONDON - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said that we cannot allow the Southern Afghanistan border area near Pakistan to remain lawless places sheltering terrorists, drug traders and destabilising the strategic and vital region. Britain will and must help Afghanistan and Pakistan to defeat the insurgency and prevent the return of al Qaeda, he said. While talking to the media at conclusion of the G-8 summit held at the Italian City of LAquila, he said there is a chain of terror that runs from the mountains and plains of the Southern Afghanistan and Pakistan to the towns and streets of UK. He said that people in UK are safer because of the courageous sacrifices of British soldiers in Afghanistan. Gordon Brown said the period of the Afghan Presidential elections will be crucial but our objective off course is stable and democratic Afghanistan and that is why UK and the US have increased its troops. He said: 'People see the importance of winning the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan so that the battle against the terrorists does not come to the streets of our country. We must and will do the support of our forces who put their lives on line for democracy and fight against terrorism. The security of every British citizen is linked to the military operation in Afghanistan. He said: 'this is a very hard summer. It is vital that the international community sees through its commitments. Our resolution to complete the work that we have started in Afghanistan and Pakistan is undiminished. We knew from the start that defeating the insurgency in Helmand would be a hard and dangerous job but it is vital.