Karachi (PPI) - Traders and Transport Action Committee has warned to observe a wheel jam strike on 14th July against presidential ordinance of slapping new levy on petroleum products if it was not withdrawn. Trader and Transport Action Committee staged a protest demonstration at at Bolton Market against the presidential ordinance. President of All Pakistan Organisation of Small Traders and Xottage Industry Karachi chapter Mehmood Hamid addressing the demo said international oil companies had earned Rs70trillion at the cost of Pakistani consumers. He said the cruel rulers are sucking the blood of poor people to fund their luxuries. He said elected representatives eat meals of Rs1.6 million in single day at the cost of taxpayers, while the common people suffer from electricity load shedding, water shortage and lack of other basic amenities. He if there is need to launch another movement for supporting free judiciary in Pakistan, the traders and transporter would fully participate in it. Chairman Alliance of Market Associations Karachi, Atiq Mir said we have to continue our struggle to strengthen our judiciary and bring betterment in economic condition. President, Karachi Rickshaw, Yellow Cab Association, Hafiz-ul Haq Hassanzai said due to growing price hike, the ratio of employment has increased. He said the current raise in prices of petroleum products through presidential ordinance has snatched last morsel of bread from the mouth of poor people. He said the transporters would resist this cruel decision. Protest demo today Karachi taders would hold a protest demonstration against the presidential ordinance, which increased petroleum prices today outside Karachi Press Club here. A symbolic coffin of shattered economy of Pakistan would be carried during the protest and an effigy of IMF would be burnt. The traders announced that they would continue their protest till government announces sufficient decrease in electricity and oil prices. The traders have rejected imposition of further taxes and they have demanded relief in inflation before the holy month of Ramaz-ul-Mubarak. In a press statement issued by Chairman Alliance of Market Associations Karachi Ateeq Mir, the government has been warned that the traders would not tolerate 'the contempt of judiciary. He said that the traders fraternity believes that only Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry could provide people a way out to relief from suppressor government. He added that the ship of present government would also be wrecked like the former regimes after colliding with the rock of justice. The moral of traders was boosted with the decision of Chief Justice of Pakistan and hope was created that economy would improve, he said. He added that people and traders had welcome the Supreme Courts decision but with the imposition of PDL within one day disappointment has been created amongst the traders. He demanded the government to provide cheap energy, reduction in inflation, stability in economy and improvement in business activities. He added that the country should be freed from the slavery of IMF and local resources should be used to improve the living standard of Pakistanis.