LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Syed Munawar Hassan has said that a tug of war between state institutions has begun which is dangerous for the country. Addressing the Friday congregation at Jamia Masjid Mansoora, he said the nation has already experienced the consequences of such confrontations in the past, alleging that the present government was back on the same track. The JI chief said the Supreme Court had provided a relief to the masses and the people were rejoicing over the decision, but in the darkness of night President Zardari struck through an ordinance, undoing the judgement. He said it was expected that the elected government would resolve the problems of the people and provide them every possible relief. He said the government writ could be established through good governance in accordance with the law and the constitution, and not through drone attacks and military operation. It is a part of the US agenda to create anarchy in this country and ill-will between the nation and the armed forces, he alleged further. Munawar opined that all the political parties in the coalition government were equally responsible for the bloodshed going on in the country no matter what they said. He further said that the Go America Go campaign was peaceful and it aimed at driving the US out of this land. He urged the people to join the JI movement to foil the US designs. TIP for power devolution, more provinces Tehreek-e-Istiqlal (TI) has demanded devolution of power to the provinces for a more stable and smooth functioning of the federating units. Addressing a press conference at Lahore Press Club on Friday, TI President Rehmat Khan Wardag suggested that the centre should only keep defence, foreign affairs, currency and communication and devolve all other departments to the provinces. While demanding increasing the number of provinces to 14 for making them more manageable administratively, he said the provinces should be given the right over 50 per cent of their resources to resolve grievances of federating units. Stressing the need of immediate construction of more water reservoirs, Rehmat Khan Wardag demanded that work on all non-development projects should be stopped immediately for diverting the funds towards construction of new dams. He said construction of dams would help overcoming prevailing power crisis and give a boost to the agriculture in the country. He criticised President Zardari, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and other politicians for not bringing billions of dollars deposited in their foreign accounts back into the country to save the country from falling into the clutches of IMF. He further suggested that they could be offered more return than the one being given to the IMF. Stressing upon continuing the local government system, he said the present system was a brainchild of his party that ensured devolution of power to the grass root levels.