LAHORE – The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has increased unscheduled loadshedding of 12 to 14 hours in the City besides suspension of power supply for consecutive eight to 10 hours to thousands of consumers in the name of maintenance work at different grid stations of the company.

About 40 feeders under eight main LESCO grid stations were off for consecutive 10-hour due to ‘repair and maintenance work’ at supply lines on Tuesday and more than 60 city feeders will keep suspend the power supply to one fourth of Lahore for at least 10-hour hours on Wednesday (today).

Despite the announced schedule of eight hours, Said Pur grid conducted 10 hours shutdown, from 6am to 4pm on Tuesday, in the areas of Moon Market, Gulshan Ravi, Ghulshan Iqbal, Nargas and Mehran Block. Similarly, more than two dozens city feeders suspended supply to the consumers under grid stations of Qartaba, Sukhchain, Chuhang, Old Kot Lakhpat, New Kot Lakhpat, Lefo and Pattoki. The hours load shedding created severe shortage of water and other problems in the areas.

The LESCO stated that more than 70 different feeders will not supply electricity for minimum four hours and maximum eight hours to consumers on Wednesday (today). The feeders from where the supply will remain off are under the grids of Kala Shah Kako, Mobile, Shalamar 1 and 2, Bhogiwal, Garden Town, Shadman, New Shahdrah, Ata Abad, Aisha, ICI, Sheikhupura and Pattoki.

Meanwhile, the worst tripping during rain and unscheduled load shedding during last 24 hours badly hit the residents of Lahore on Tuesday. The Lahorites faced of one hour power cut after every hour in different areas but situation was worst in underdeveloped and slum localities of the city.

The LESCO, however, claimed that the company is not conducting load shedding in the name of maintenance and saying that the actual reason was that they were closing feeders for repair work to avoid inconvenience for the citizens in the coming month of Ramzan.

About the unscheduled load shedding, the LESCO authorities claimed that load shedding had been reduced and being conducted according to the schedule.