RAWALPINDI  - Citizens particularly business circles have expressed grave concern over circulation of fake currency notes in the markets, saying even the currency notes which are drawn from banks are fake.

“I purchased some commodities from Bank Road Saddar, I handed over currency note of Rs 1000 and the shop keeper returned Rs 610 to me when I went up to other shop to buy some different commodities the shopkeeper refused to take the currency note of Rs 500 declaring it fake. I went back to the first shopkeeper who also refused to own it. This way I had to suffer loss of Rs 500,” said Aslam Khan, a lady schoolteacher.

This menace is on the rise particularly in rural areas where illiterate and semi educated people cannot make distinction between the fake and original notes.

The citizens demanded of government and the State Bank of Pakistan to take notice of this forgery and take measures to ensure implementation of relevant laws on this account.