THIS dapper chap is preened to perfection with its crisp white facial hair resembling a perfect handlebar moustache.

The Inca Tern’s curious plumage contrasts with its black body, red beak and yellow facial markings. Photographer Kathryn Lisko snapped the bird at Milwaukee County Zoo in her home city in Wisconsin, United States.

The wildlife ecology graduate has been a regular visitor to the zoo for the last two decades. She said: ‘I have visited the aviary many times but never encountered these little terns before. I saw three Inca Terns relaxing on the path and their moustache feathers fascinated me as they posed for photos.’

She said one of terns was so tame she was able to walk straight up to it, even when its friends had flown off. She added: ‘After I had taken a series of photos of the tern, a small dabbling duck waddled up the path. ‘He scared the tern off so that he could get to a piece of fish nearby on the stones. I have never seen a bird with moustache feathers before.                  –MOL