ISLAMABAD - The resurgence of religious elements and banned outfits having come together against the restoration of NATO supplies appears to have drawn a stark line of divide between the two school of thoughts - the supporters and critics of Difa-e-Pakistan Council.While the DPC leaders and their proponents are categorical in proclaiming to have been pursuing what they term as a ‘sacred’ mission to rid Pakistan of the ‘puppet’ regimes and ‘West-enslaved governments’ as they put it, the critics term the movement as a directionless and planted show staged on the behest of secretive agencies with the direct patronage of Pakistan’s military establishment to pass the buck on parliament and government in the NATO supplies opening episode.The Defence Committee of the Cabinet (DCC), Pakistan’s highest parliamentary forum for defence that comprises of political and military leaderships, had unanimously nodded for the restoration of ground logistical supplies to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). One pertinent question to this effect remains unanswered: The DPC wants complete blockade of the NATO supplies but who does it direct its demands to? Pakistan’s government or military given that both were equally on board for getting the NATO supplies restored. TheNation talked to DPC’s top leadership to get its views on the subject.“The military and government both have disappointed us. We believe that the institutions concerned of the state have breached the trust and the responsibility the people of Pakistan entrusted upon them. All our expectations and demands are directed to the people of Pakistan. Now it’s the people who have to rise against the imperialist agendas of the rulers. All our hopes are hinging on the common man who can rid Pakistan of the US dictation,” said DPC Chairman Maulana Sami-ul-Haq. “We still think if the army plays the role of a patriotic force and get the NATO supplies stopped forever, it can render a great service to Pakistan. In case it fails to do so, it’s the people of Pakistan that can change the fate of this country.” Sami vowed to continue the protests till the NATO supplies were blocked permanently and ‘warned’ to cut the NATO supplies land routes connecting Pakistan and Afghanistan. “Thousands of our valiant loyalists would march to Torkham and Chaman and disrupt the NATO routes. We are devising a decisive line of action.” A detailed schedule for the DPC’s upcoming processions and protests would be announced in the coming days after consulting all the council leaders, Maulana said.Interestingly, while Pakistan Army’s top command was equally involved in approving the NATO supplies restoration, not a single DPC leader uttered a word on military’s role during Monday’s procession in Islamabad and the parliament was solely targeted instead.This, another DPC leader Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said, was so because the parliament is the representative of common people and it is supposed to reflect their will at every forum. “But people would not care about the military if things keep moving towards the worse. There would be no holy cows left. The parliament would have to bear the brunt but no other institution shall also be spared even if it’s military, in case it failed to play its role to get Pakistan out of this mess.”Asked to comment on the kind of role he suggested for the military in clearing the ‘mess,’ Sheikh avoided any direct answer and cited apparently vague references. “I warn you, things are moving towards ‘bloody revolution’ and if the patriots don’t wake up, there would be a complete disaster, a black out. This revolution would be more intense than Iranian revolution.”The major criticism on DPC comes from its leaders’ clear leaning towards military establishment, even though, at times, they resort to seemingly mild criticism. “Armed forces are the forces of the people of Pakistan. It was disappointing to see that army did not play any effective role to keep the NATO supplies blocked permanently. We are struggling to overhaul this system. Only a truly Islamic system can get Pakistan rid of the imperialist puppets,” said Jama’at-e-Islami Chief Syed Munawar Hassan.  “This system is corrupt to the core. When leadership is honest and dedicated, all the organs of state, the parliament, armed forces and others would follow this trend. This is the ultimate solution to the mess Pakistan is entrapped in.”Hassan said, the DPC’s long march would continue from bigger to smaller cities across Pakistan. “And if our demands are not met, our struggle would get intense with each passing day. We would give sleepless nights to rulers.”This newspaper also tried to contact Hafiz Saeed for his comments on the subject but he was not available.