BAJAUR AGENCY - Tribal elders and religious leaders of the different sub-tribe of Utmankhail tribe of the Agency on Tuesday unconditionally agreed for extending their full support for the eradication of polio form the region and warned a strict action would be taken against those found sabotaging the anti-polio drive in the area.

This was expressed at a seminar organized by the local heath deportment with the collaboration of World Health Organization held at the far-flung area of Ghani Ada of Utmankhail sub-division.

Hundreds of tribal elders of the different sub-tribes, Ulema and official of the local administration and health deportment were participated the seminar.

Addressing the seminar, Agency Surgeon Bajaur, Dr Jehan Zeb Dawr, said that Pakistan is among the three countries in the world where the polio disease has become a serious threat to the lives of the children and as a result a large number of population has suffered form the polio infection.

He said that this disease not only suffering the lives of our children it is also badly affecting the country dignity in the international community

Dr Jehan Zeb Dewar said that no doubt the government is very concerned for the complete elimination of this virus from across the country and is taking all possible efforts in the regards.

“Polio disease is a national issue and the support of the community is very important because the government cant doing anything without the pubic cooperation,”

He urged the elders and Ulema to extend their full support and ply active role for the early eradication the agency from the polio.

“There is nothing harmful in polio vaccine and it is the responsibility of the ulema, and elders to help eliminate misconceptions about the vaccination,” the Agency Surgeon said.

He claimed that the agency would be soon declared polio free as no polio case has surfaced since April 2011.

The vaccinations ratio in the region was very excellent as compared to other tribal areas, he said adding the number of refusal cases has also reduced in the whole region.

Addressing the seminar, elders and Ulema said that they have always supported anti-polio campaigns because “we knew that polio disease is a serious threats for our children’s lives,” they said.

They said that they will support the health staff in the anti-polio drive and no one would be allowed to disturbed the campaign anywhere in the agency.

“If anyone could found for sabotaging the anti polio drive in the area, the elders will take serious action according to the local tradition,” they said.