ISLAMABAD - The nominated Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Justice (r) Fakhruddin G Ebrahim said his first priority would be to hold transparent elections, while media and civil society were required to play their full role for the purpose.

Talking to media at the Supreme Court building on Tuesday, he said it would be disastrous for the country if fair and transparent elections were not held, adding that announcing the date for new elections was a job of the Prime Minister and not his.

The senior jurist said he was willing to become CEC, but he had not yet been informed about it officially. “I accepted the post as a challenge. The fair and transparent polls will be my first priority and for that he would meet the political parties.” People have too much expectation from him, he added.

Regarding the dual nationality, Fakhruddin said: “I am against to dual citizenship.” When questioned about the Contempt of Court Bill 2012, he said four Fakhruddin were required to understand the new legislation.

He said the change in the country was inevitable; therefore, the masses should be ready for it, adding that the assemblies’ tenure should be of four years. He said there was no difference between Pakistan and India except the elections.

Earlier in the IPPs case, when Fakhruddin appeared before a four-member bench headed by Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, the judges greeted him for his nomination for new CEC.

The learned counsel told them that he was now 86, but he would try to utilise the opportunity for the betterment of the country, adding that the future of the country was bright and the days of darkness had gone.

He stated that the fair and transparent elections could change the destiny of this nation.

Fakhruddin said his heart cried when he saw the present situation of the country.