RAWALPINDI  - Most of the government primary and higher secondary schools are without boundary walls or with collapsed boundary walls in Rawalpindi region.

It a sign of concern for the authorities’ callous attitude who have turned a blind eye towards the issue of grave concern.

According to sources, it was reported in 2011 that there are 9,384 schools in Punjab province being run by the provincial government while 510 primary and higher secondary schools are imparting education in the Rawalpindi region among which most of the schools require proper attention because some schools are boundary walls, which are creating problems.

Students, teachers, parents of the students and people of localities where schools requires construction or repairing of boundary walls demanded of the concerned authorities to initiate work on the construction and repairing of various schools’ boundary walls in order to provide better environment to the students seeking education.

Locals complained that schools without boundary walls are being used as parking lots for the motorists and taxies at various spots in the city because people face no restriction in entering their vehicles for parking into the premises of the schools.

It was also reported that some schools were being used by the cattle owners as normally in cities there were limited lands for the grazing of cattle so the schools without boundary walls proved better place for grazing in cities where students were witnessed busy most of the time in removing cattle from school premises, thus precious time of the students is being wasted in futile work.

Locals demanded of the government construction and repairing of schools’ boundary walls in order to provide better educational environment to the students which will contribute to provide educated youth to the country.