PESAHWAR - Residents of the Defense Officers Colony have appealed to the Chief Justice Peshawar High Court (PHC) and Corps Commander Peshawar to take a strict action against the Executive Officer (EO) of Cantonment Board who has demolished their mosque in an anti-encroachments drive without any intimation.

Addressing a press conference here at the Peshawar Press Club on Tuesday, Sahibzada Asad Noor and Hasseb Hussain strongly condemned the demolishing of their mosque and accused the EO Cantonment Board Saleem Wottoo of committing corruption and mal-administration.

“We had built the mosque in 1996 at the Defense Colony along the Warsak Road and we have all the legal documents of it. The mosque was not a hurdle in a way of graveyard,” said Asad Noor.

“I am ready to convince Saleem Wottoo through a legal debate in front of media that locality of the 5 Marla mosque did not violate encroachment rules,” he added.

Haseeb Hussain said that Saleem Wattoo was an influential person and was not answerable to anyone for his deeds. He demanded juridical inquiry in this regard.  

Cleric of the mosque Maulvi Faqeer Shah said that he is the prayers leader since 1996 and has not yet received a single complaint that it was a hurdle in the way of the said graveyard.

Meanwhile, the cantonment administration warned the shopkeepers and vendors to remove their encroachments otherwise they would remove the same by force. They said that the main aim of removing the encroachments is to widen the area in order to avoid the traffic jam and traffic mismanagement.