KARACHI - Pakistan sports decline started with the formation of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) in 1962, Chief of Pakistan Olympic Association (POA). Lt Gen (Retd) Syed Arif Hasan said on Tuesday.

"You can analyze for yourself with the results and causes of decline and reduction of medals at Asian level," he told reporters during at news conference during question/answer session at Karachi Press Club here.

"Pakistan was rated among the top five medal winners in the continent before 1962. We used to win 8-10 gold medals but it was reduced to 6-7 and below with the passage of time," he commented.

Gen Arif's comments came in light of PSB Sports Policy restricting the tenure of sports to just two terms. Syed Arif Hasan was elected for third term earlier this month. However POA Chief said government or PSB can not interfere in the affairs as per the Olympic charter of International Olympic Committee (IOC). He said under this scenario IOC can put Pakistan's membership in abeyance if current situation is not resolved. "Pakistan can face dire consequences if matter is not resolved amicably," he said. 

As per the revised National Sports Policy 2005 which was notified on December 5, contesting at various levels.  "However having made no headway a Writ Petition by four National Sports Federations of sports of Volleyball, Handball, Gymnastics, and cycling was filed in honourable High Court," he said.

"Although POA was included in the policy our stand was always we receive no grants from PSB and we are not affiliated member of PSB and hence do not come with under in anyway. We had always kept IOC and OCA informed," he commented.

"At this stage I can not comment on Pakistan's participation in London Olympics. This matter will be taken during the IOC Executive Board meeting to be held on July 20-21," POA Chief, pointed out. "IOC is monitoring the situation in Pakistan," Gen. Arif also expressed his dismay over sports system in Pakistan. We don't have any system for the development of sports in the country," he remarked.

In written statement which distributed on the occasion said: "We kept the IOC in picture and informed them of the events.”The Government representative and those of POA have been requested Laussane on June 04, 2012. However before that I would like to receive your follow-up to develop a consensus based on the recommendation given below," it said. "Following recommendations will be the gist of POA's stance to be deliberated in with IOC and GoP officials and outlines our pellucid policy/guidelines for the proper charter and our constitutional autonomy," statement said. "POA accepts the authority of the Government or its designated autonomy regarding framing of Rules & Regulations for development and management country as ordered by the Honourable Supreme Court in its decision," it added.

"The Olympic Charter is the principle governing document of international participation in all international sports activities which are governed accordance with the Olympic Charter. Nations around the globe vow to protect the spirit.

"United Nations has also been stressing the same. Pakistan Olympic Association as the National Olympic Committee of Pakistan is also duty bound to abide by the rules and promote its, objectives and mission and educate all related to sport Movement.

"While ensuring that all efforts were made to maintain a harmonious relationship Government, POA ensured compliance with the Olympic Charter a every maintained its autonomous status and has followed IOC's instructions/ directives affiliated to PSB or any other government organization and hence not subordinate of Pakistan and exercises its functions in accordance with the authority bestowed on them as per Charter and its own Constitution principally protecting its autonomy which is the Olympic Movement separating sports from politics, religion and ail other such matter," it said.

"All member units of POA affiliated to the POA are also under obligation of Olympic Charter and protect the Olympic Movement in the country which is an obligation upon them by virtue of their affiliation to the POA as well as affiliation with their Federations (IFs)," statement elaborated.

"It has to be ensured that all National Sports Federations (NSFs) are carrying in line with them

"POA has always pleaded before the Governmental 'Sports' Authorities stakeholders including National Sports Federations and the National Olympic Committee rules and regulations in accordance with the Olympic Charter but too little avail. Today some of the Rules formed by PSB and provisions of the Nation Sports policy consonance with the Olympic Charter, which if not corrected immediately were unfortunate isolation of Pakistan Sports from International Sports Arena.

"POA and National Sports Federations shall continue to seek a solution impasse through dialogue with Ministry of IPC, PSB and all other government organization.

"Since Pakistan Sports Board comprises President of all its affiliated / recognized Sports Federations and Government representatives, therefore the recent amendment made by PSB without meeting of the Board are not legal/valid," it said.

"All National Sports Federations and POA must work in a unified manner to avoid, direct or an indirect act violating the Olympic Charter and the Olympic Movement in Pakistan," it further said. "In the event that POA and the National Sports Federations are unable to Government of Pakistan and PSB to take immediate and urgent corrective measures approach/policy and the PSB Rules to remove interference in the operations, matter of autonomy of the National Sports Federations, the POA shall be constrained by the Rule/Constitution as well as that of the Olympic Charter, to take necessary steps to ensure no violation of the POA Constitution and more importantly the Olympic Charter as directly affect the standing and affiliation of the POA and the Federations International Federations," it concluded.