ISLAMABAD - People from different walks of life have demanded a pedestrian bridge over the busy Jinnah Avenue to facilitate the citizens.

According to details, daily hundred of pedestrian cross the road in order to access their offices located on the other side of the road and face immense problems while crossing the road. Meanwhile, being a hub of economic and commercial activities, large number of people in F-7/3 and adjacent areas go to blue area for shopping and face the same phenomenon.

Citizens have complained that billions of rupees are spent in the capital for the construction of new avenues and highways to ensure smooth traffic flow, but no attention is paid to the safety of pedestrians and mostly all new avenues lack pedestrian bridges.

Citizens demanded that the government should build pedestrian bridges on all busy avenues of federal capital including Jinnah Avenue. 

Citizens have expressed their concerns over the absence of pedestrian bridge over this busy avenue by saying that, it is unfortunate that authorities are paying no heed toward the issue. They said that absence of pedestrian bridge may result into loss of precious human lives.

Citizens demanded authorities concerned to take immediate steps for the construction of pedestrian bridge over this busy road to save the human lives.