LAHORE - The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) will not support the dual nationality bill, said Senator Pervaiz Rashid.

He said: “The Pakistan-origin UK and US nationals are under oath of allegiance to their state of residence and a conflict of interests can erupt if such a person takes part in the policy matters of Pakistan after winning the elections.

He said only 27 per cent of the state remittances come from the UK and the US while the rest from the Middle East.

On the statement of Rehman Malik that he gave up UK nationality and resigned the Senate membership, he said: “Malik belies as he always does.”

“If Malik shuns telling ties even for 24 hours, most of the problems confronting the PPP and Malik will vanish away,” Rashid added.

Asked if PML-N will move the court against the contempt bill, he said: “Many private parties have moved the court and his party will stand by them.”

However, he said his party was opposing the bill in the assembly and will do so in the Senate besides mobilising public in the street against this legislation, which is a blatant attack on the independence of judiciary.

In a statement, the PML-N described resignation of Malik, an insufficient measure to steer the country out of the problems.

A party spokesperson said corruption and bad governance has ruined the national economy and the only way out is immediate elections in the country.

The party has also clarified no one holding dual nationality is occupying any cardinal position in the party. Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan doubted the veracity of Malik’s claim on giving up UK nationality and tendering resignation, calling it another “drama being staged by the corrupt government”.