LAHORE - The organising committee of the Punjab Youth Sport Festival 2012 has started to receive encouraging response from general public which is showing great interest for participation in the festival in different ways.

“The Punjab Youth Festival website which is yet to be officially launched has reached nearly 100,000 visits,” informed Director General Sports Board Punjab Usman Anwar here on Tuesday.  He said that the Punjab government officially launched awareness campaign last month and since then people are coming with different ideas. “In just less than a month we have received nearly 6000 ideas online and the hype is gaining pace,” he said.

The DG SBP said that the main purpose of holding this festival was to give direction to the young generation of the country and end the state of dejection from society. “It is the dream of Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif to see the youth of the country progress to a direction through which Pakistan is seen as a true sovereign and peace-loving country in the world,” he added.

“The website is carrying all the details of the event like registration form for participation, forms for volunteers, details of the Punjab Youth Festival, National Youth Festival and International Youth Festival.”

Usman further said that the website also include schedule of different sports events to be organized at mass level, visit to different areas of mobile campaign floats, festival inspiration quotes, suggestion box and festival flow chart . “We have received overwhelming response from the public as scores of youth have registered as volunteers to extend support in the successful organization of sports and other events of the festival,” Usman concluded.