ISLAMABAD - The commitment and likeness for Islam and Pakistan by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi is rear especially in progressive writers and the whole life of Qasmi is an example of struggle for the promotion of literature.

Prof Fateh Muhammad Malik expressed the views while presiding over the Qaumi Adbi Seminar on eminent poet, short story writer, intellectual and editor Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi. Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) had arranged the event. Yusuf Hassan and Dr Naheed Qasmi were the chief guests. Fateh Muhamamd Malik said the whole life of Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi is an example of struggle for the promotion of literature.

Qasmi’s writings are not only a source of conveying a message of humanity and friendship to the people and also strongly express the emotions of nationalism as well, added Dr Naheed Qasmi. She said the dominant characteristics of Qasmi’s art are his good heartiness and truthfulness.

Yusuf Hassan commented that Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi is a major writer in the progressive tradition in Punjab and has fame throughout Asia.

He produced great literature, which will keep his name alive for a long time.

Dr Ehsan Akbar said the stories of Qasmi focused mainly on trust. A prominent aspect of his literary personality is the promoter of the young writers. Jalil Aali remarked Qasmi’s writings reflect as many dimensions of our cultural and intellectual traditions as is not found in any other writer.

Abdul Hameed, PAL Chairman, thanked the guests. Others who paid glowing tributes to the eminent writer include Prof. Hameed Ullah Hashmi, Zia-ud-Din Naeem, Farheen Chaudhry, Nelofar Iqbal, Aftab Zia and Dr Abid Siyal.