MARDAN - Despite start and completion of several developmental works and mega projects in Mardan district, the graph of Awami National Party (ANP) is decreasing day by day, and majority of ANP’s ideological, sincere and old workers are leaving the party or becoming silent and sit aside while the common people and other parties’ workers and leaders said that ANP did developmental works for the sake of commission and corruption not for the people of Mardan.

Strong opposition in Mardan has weakened the ANP position in the district that has been the party’s stronghold over the years. ANP local leaders and office bearers have realized this situation and have started jirgas to bring the disgruntled party workers back to the party fold, the party sources said. They said that in this connection Senator Mohammad Azam Khan Hoti who is also father of Chief Minister Ameer Hadier Khan Hoti arranged a meeting with disgruntled workers and also arranged meeting of all the office bearers of provincial constituencies and union councils.

The sources further said that the party lacked true leadership in the area and the workers were disappointed for being ignored by the party leadership. Some of the prominent local activists and majority of sincere party workers have joined the Pakistan People’s Party-Sherpao, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) including former union nazim and former district vice president of ANP Haji Humayun Khalji, Sadbar Khan, Sarwar Khan, Riaz Khan, Mohammad Bilal Khan Hoti, who claimed to be a relative of the chief minister, Zahir Mohammad Hoti, a relative of ANP Mardan information secretary Jihar Khan Hoti who was killed by suspected militants a few months ago, Haji Raza Khan, ex-MPA, Haji Saedul Wahab, former union nazim, Qazi Fazl-e-Rabani, Haji Mohammad Nabi, Farooq Khan, Subidar Habibur Rehman, Wasal Khan, Raees Khan nephew of ex MPA Haji Raza Khan and others. It has been learnt that there is no proper team with Chief Minister to monitor the developmental works and mega projects.

In the current situation all the elected people of party and office bearers are powerless and power is in the hands of few unelected people who use funds without consulting the party office bearers or sincere workers and due to which a vacuum is created between Hoti House and ANP ideological and sincere workers. It has been learnt that there are differences between some district and provincial constituencies office bearers with their MPAs and they have started opposing their MPAs and are introducing other people as candidates for the upcoming elections and are motivating other people that party will give them tickets for the upcoming elections and will ignore the sitting MPAs. The sources said that due to this reason some of the ANP MPAs have started thinking to join other parties and in this connection leader of other parties especially PTI has started contacts with these MPAs. “It might be difficult for us to maintain our position in this situation,” said an ANP leader while pleading not to be named.

The party’s local leadership has created sense of deprivation among the sincere and ideological workers while the newly joined people enjoy power. It harmed the party’s position in district, said one of the local ANP leaders.