ISLAMABAD - Hydel power generation this year is reported 1,000 megawatt lesser as compared to previous year due to less inflows in dams in previous month and wrong policy adopted by the government 3 months back of generating electricity using water resources that was not supposed to be done at that time.

As per official data available to TheNation, hydel generation is ranging between 4,000-4,500 megawatt this year that was reported more than 5,000 MW in the same period of time previous year.

Power shortfall at present is reported to be around 4,000 megawatt that could be 3,000 megawatt provided hydel resources could generate 1,000 more electricity.  The government 3-month back generated electricity using water resources at a time when the inflows were too short in the dams consequently reduced the water levels in dams.

Metrology department had already forecasted for this season lesser inflows in the dams in the month of May and June so it was needed to secure water in dams to be used in the hottest days. Generally 200,000 cusecs water start coming in Tarbela Dam in June but this year it was 90,000 cusecs that delayed achieving required water level in dam in summer season.

Though water inflows now have increased in the dam but still the required level has not been achieved that has caused lesser generation through hydel resources. Presently power generation stands between 13,500-14,100 megawatt against the demand of 17,500-18,000 megawatt.

Ministry of Water and Power officials claimed that they would be able to maintain gap.

They also said that some measures have been taken to justify power outages in different areas that has created balance to some extent and has provided relief to the masses living in the remote areas of the country.