On Wednesday, Interim Prime Minister Justice (Retd)  Nasir-ul-Mulk directed the federal and provincial governments to enhance mutual cooperation and coordination in order to take steps that ensure sustaining the natural environment and combating the disastrous effects of climate change on Pakistan.

At the Prime Minister’s Office, PM Nasir-ul-Mulk was given briefing regarding the duties and performance of Ministry of Climate Change.

Minister for Climate Change Mr Muhammad Yusuf Shaikh, Secretary to Prime Minister, Secretary Climate Change Division, and senior officials of Climate Change Division attended the meeting.

Prime minister was briefed about the functions, mandate and performance of the ministry by the secretary of climate change division.

Details regarding the protocols and conventions that are related to climate change and environmental protection, and the 14 international environmental treaties, of which Pakistan is a part, were given to PM Mulk.

As an alarming situation, it was briefed that Pakistan is highly vulnerable to the disastrous impacts of environmental degradation and climate change.

Furthermore, he was briefed regarding the ongoing developmental projects and was also informed that more than in the current fiscal year, more than Rs. 800 million has been assigned for these environmental development projects.

Secretary climate change also highlighted the achievements of the ministry, in which he claimed that under the “Green Pakistan Program” more than 26.77 million saplings have been planted.

He further informed that the target for the next five years was to plant 100 million saplings. It was further informed, that in KPK and Gilgit Baltistan, 50 weather stations, 408 discharge sensors and 250 structures to pacify the impacts of Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOF) are to be established under the GLOF project.