Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has emphasized the fact that "weak don't get their sufficient rights in Pakistan."

Addressing the media and representatives of minority groups at minorities convention here in Islamabad  he said, "it is the state's responsibility to provide basic rights to the underprivileged."

Imran presented his party's agenda to elevate various religious groups across Pakistan and added, "minorities were given rights in Madinah's welfare state". 

"The more developed a society, the more protected are the weak from the powerful", he further added.

"I have to say it with regret that I receive a lot of complaints from the Hindu community in Sindh that women belonging to the minority are forcefully married to Muslims", when we came into power we will look into this matter on the urgent basis, he stated.

During the Muslim rule in the sub-continent, minorities were free to follow their religious beliefs, and PTI will follow this tradition.