LAHORE - Dar Hockey Academy (HA) played a hard game against widely experienced Hurley Hockey Club (HC) and drew the second tour game 1-1.

After their resounding 4-0 win in the opening match of the tour, Pakistan’s finest hockey academy began well and earned a penalty corner in the fourth minute but the indirect drill couldn’t get the final touch.

The experienced men’s second side of the Hurley soaked up the initial pressure and gained ascension. After misfiring a couple of open play chances the hosts earned no less than four penalty corners in a spell of seven minutes from 13th to 20th minute. A couple of them were misfired and the other two were well saved by the Dar HA defence.

For a while, it seemed the U-16 boys have been overawed by the men. But the Dar HA boys broke the shackles and raided the opposing goal through some good moves. One of those saw Zulqarnain, after a good run on the left flank, delaying, what could have been a good attempt at the goal. A counter attack resulted in Hurley’s fifth penalty corner; custodian Awais calmly stopped the flat push.

After the half time, Dar HA came out of the blocks in a more determined fashion. Twice the forwards fumbled after long balls found them in good position in the circle. Soon they had two back to back penalty corners in the 46th minute. The second was fired home by Usman senior through a powerful high flick on the goal keeper’s right.

Going behind after dominating the first half, the Hurley HC responded aggressively. Their fifth PC of the match arrived in the 52nd minute and the hosts were finally able to find the net via a well-executed in direct manouvre; it was Emile Stol who made it 1-1. With all to play, both the sides went for offensive, and back and forth game was witnessed. The Dutch anxiously looked for a winner and applied immense pressure towards the end. Helped by some unforced errors by the inexperienced deep defenders such as faulty clearances, the Hurley HC got three penalty corners in quick succession in the last seven minutes.

Twice they were thwarted by the rusher and on the other occasion, the net minder Awais, who had an excellent match, denied them with two excellent saves.